Courses for the planning of European projects

Since we operate within international cooperation programs, European project courses can be activated in schools and institutions.

The courses are aimed at promoting the participation in the funding programs offered by Europe: the quality of the courses is guaranteed by the attention that the AtheneaJob team of experts pays to the formal and planning aspects, but above all to the information provided for the project management once approved.

Some topics of interest are: Erasmus+ (KA1 – KA2 – Sport); SVE - European Volunteer Program; PON - National Operational Program.

Taking into account the importance of these topics, AtheneaJob offers personalized courses based on the needs of the person, the school or the interested institution.

Language courses

Why should learning a language be expensive and difficult?
AtheneaJob works to create a new form of learning, that is more dynamic and accessible to all.

The language courses in Valencia or in one of the destinations proposed by AtheneaJob are based on the development of the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and comprehension; they take into account the objectives of the participants and are structured to start from the level each one has.

Choose the one that is right for you:

Linguistic Tandem. Through conversation with native speakers, participants develop a greater knowledge of the language and a better understanding of it. Learning becomes a moment of socialization and the experience will be very attractive.

individual Lessons. Customized according to the needs of the participants, they adapt to any level with specific programs, irrespective of the initial knowledge of the language.

Group Lessons. They encourage the interaction and allow to deal with different subjects, sharing the objective with other participants. The maximum number of students per class is 10 people and the minimum number is 5. Classes last 90 minutes.

Linguistic Preparation (micro-language for career guidance). It helps the participant to face the access in the world of work in a foreign country

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