Spain represents everything that a young person could wish. From the coastal area, which has beautiful beaches and coves, to the interland of the country, with its mountains, the famous cities with their rich artistic heritage, everything is a feast for the eyes. In addition to this, Spanish good food and the warm welcome of people make it the ideal destination for those who want to live a training experience abroad.One of the most interesting cities is Valencia, in the middle of the east coast of Spain, a modern cosmopolitan and dynamic Mediterranean city, open to other cultures, with a population of one million inhabitants that is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. The city has two official languages, Castilian (or Spanish) and Valenciano.

 Valencia enjoys an ideal climate for people who like to walk outdoors and walk along the street. The festivities symbolize the true essence of the city and inhabitants who are festive, warm, often noisy but fun.

 One of the most important festivities in the city is "Las Fallas". From 15th March, Valencia shows in its streets monuments that represent social problems and current events using a bit of satire (originally they were made of wood, now the materials used are drywall, polyurethane, etc.). On 19th March, San José's day, patron saint of the city, the statues burn as a sign of the end of the festival.

Valencia is a mixture of artistic and architectural expressions, rich in both tourism and culture, where visitors will always have places to discover, such as the Barrio del Carmen and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, palaces and squares of the Lonja de la Seda, declared a World Heritage Site, the Plaza de la Virgen and about fifty museums in the city, many bars or restaurants to take a simple "drink" or taste the famous Valencian paella or the famous "horchata de chufa", as well as different well-known places to liven up in the city's nightlife.

With AtheneaJob you can take part in a work or study program in Valencia. These programs are open tu students, graduates and partecipants of Erasmus+ and offer a great opportunity to know a way of working that is different from the one already know or to access the world of work with a first experience; all to gain experience in the chosen sector and improve their own skills.

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