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AtheneaJob puts itself as a link between companies and young people.

If you have a company and want to offer students, graduates, recent graduates and young people, the opportunity to experience a professional internship with your staff, AtheneaJob guarantees the following:

  • Effective Matching. The candidates we contact are selected according to the profiles that best fit the requirements based on their expectations. A motivated and passionate young person is a great resource to train.

  • Suitability. The attitudes and professional skills that the candidates possess are identified by an experienced team through individual interviews and selection tests.

  • Tutorial and follow-up during the internship through pedagogical support

  • Rapid activation of internships

  • Support in bureaucratic and administrative matters

  • Internationalization. If you choose to host a foreign internship student, the whole staff will benefit from the cultural exchange that follows

Today, there are many companies that trust on AtheneaJob when they choose a student for an internship. 

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