Because of its history, the tourist attractions and because it is a global financial center, the United Kingdom attracts tourists and students from the most remote places on the planet. If you choose the UK as the destination of your Placement, what you will find is almost unique in the world: a mixture of cultures, religions and languages, an international environment in which it is possible to integrate quickly and a society prepared to receive all the people who come from other countries.

If you want to improve your English while working, there is no better place to do it than the UK. AtheneaJob offers internships or study programs in London and Plymouth.

Thanks to its international environment, its history, its culture and the hospitality of its inhabitants, London continues to attract many young foreigners. The capital of the United Kingdom welcomes students of the most diverse nationalities, religions and cultures; It will be stimulating to work surrounded by colleagues from other countries with different cultures. In London, you will find incredible opportunities to increase your skills and live new experiences. During your experience in London, you will never get bored: from the most famous tourist attractions in the world to the little alleys to discover, from concerts to literary cafes, there is always something to do.

Plymouth is the main port city of the county of Devon in southwestern England and each of its neighborhoods is full of history: from here the Pilgrim Fathers left for America. Plymouth has a rich maritime history: it is today the largest naval base operating in Western Europe, and enjoys a splendid coastal position that influences its climate.

The city has important modern districts and a large historical center, full of shops, restaurants and various places. Plymouth is also a lively city full of attractions and opportunities for fun, thanks to the beautiful beaches that surround it. The ferries departing from the port of Plymouth offer connections with Roscoff in France and Santander in Spain.

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