Who we are

AtheneaJob supports training and lifelong learning according to the "learning by doing" philosophy, through the organization and management of traineeships in companies and in domestic and European countries , facilitates the exchange of knowledge and professional experience for students, recent graduates, employees and / or young professionals. Thanks to the vast experience of its team in the field of transnational mobility and community planning, AtheneaJob specializes in the management and design of European programs such as Erasmus+ and the previous  project Leonardo da Vinci.

AtheneaJob uses the operational support of a wide network of partners formed by companies, associations, public and private institutions that offer a valuable contribution to the realization of educational and lifelong learning experience of excellent level.

AtheneaJob, based in Valencia organizes training stays and internship in city of Valencia itself and in other cities, included Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, malta, Belgium, Portugal.

What we do

AtheneaJob believes in training, internship and international mobility.

Living an educational experience of work or study, in your country or abroad, brings added value to the personal and professional growth of individuals and, at the same time, allows an internal transformation of companies and host organizations, thanks to the exchange of good practices and cooperation between education and training systems, and also between different European countries.

Why Should you choose an experience abroad?

To have the opportunity to work in an international context

To improve your knowledge of a foreign language

To acquire the skills required by the labor market

To increase opportunities and future job prospects

To enrich your cultural and professional background


Why trust AtheneaJob:

Full assistance and support for all participants

Tailor-made solutions: internships, courses, tourist activities

Partner network in well-established destination countries

Highly professional and experienced team

Successful Programs

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