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National Operative Program

AtheneaJob plans and organizes vocational training internships, as part of PON and Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro projects, acting as a link between schools and companies.

Alternating school-work programs have been introduced in Italy  since 2015 and they are compulsory for students in the last three years of technical and professional schools, for a total of 400 hours, and for high school students, for a total of 200 hours. The reform concerns mainly schools, but involves the business system ,too - it is called to welcome the students involved in the alternating school.work programs.

AthenaJob deals carefully with the realization of PON and alternating shool-work projects and is able to support schools, assuring not only the planning but also the realization of these teaching experiences thanks to its network of partner companies interested in hosting students.

Through work activities and with the implementation of PON projects abroad, AtheneaJob operates on two fronts: on the one hand it favors the possibility of creating a language immersion experience in a foreign country, thanks to a language course combined with a tourist-cultural program; on the other hand, it introduces the participants into the world of work: working and being part of the team of a company and developing tasks that will help him in the future, students will be able to understand their ambitions and attitudes.

AtheneaJob employs professionals who are able to follow all the implementation phases of the activities according to  ministerial directives, issuing certificates for mobility.

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