In addition to the main destinations, AtheneaJob organizes personalized experiences in many other European cities.

In fact, it is possible to participate in mobility projects in France and Germany.

France has an old university tradition, so it is notoriously full of young people. For this reason, people choose it as a destination for their Erasmus +. All French cities, not just Paris, offer different reasons to be visited and be chosen as a residence for a short period (or for life). The nation not only offers places rich in history and culture, but is also rich in a variety of beautiful landscapes: the coast with its beaches, the famous castles, the suggestive cliffs of the north.

Germany is also an excellent choice as a vocational training destination. The nation has one of the highest concentrations in terms of quality of companies, in terms of working conditions (salary, training and careers). In Germany, in fact, there is a high concentration of multinational companies that would allow an excellent development of work experience abroad with the consequent improvement of job opportunities for participants. German cities are also known for the excellent organization of free time, thanks to celebrations known around the world, such as the Oktoberfest in Munich.

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