During the year 2016

The following Erasmus+ European mobility programs were developed:

  • M.O.D.A. Project Mobility Activities in Design, confection and fAshion.

    48 scholarships in the Fashion.

  • A.D.M.O.N. Project ADMinistrative prOcedures in foreign companies.

    9 scholarships in Administration and Finance.

  • D.O.I.T. Project Development Opportunities In Tourism.

    16 scholarships in food service.

  • S.T.Y.L.E. Project Supporting Traineeships for Young LEarners.

    50 scholarships in Fashion.

  • TRA.IN.E.E.S. Project TRAineeships IN European EnterpriseS.

    20 scholarships in Tourism and Mechanics.

  • V.A.L.L.E.Y. Project Vocational Alliance: from Learning to Labour for European Young.

    35 scholarships in Agriculture and Tourism.

  • E.A.S.Y. LAB. project Entrepreneurship And Self-emploYment by real experiences in LABour market.

    20 scholarships in Tourism and gastronomy.

  • PRO.MOT.E. Project PROmoting MObiliTy for Entrepreneurs.

    20 scholarships in Tourism and business creation / management.

  • D.A.N.T.E. Project Development of Activities of iNternship for Trainees in the European union.

    20 scholarships in tourism.

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