During the year 2014

The following European mobility programs Leonardo da Vinci, PON and Erasmus+ were developed:

  • CEIPES. Project  Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e dello Sviluppo.

    2 scholarships in the health sector developed in hospitals and clinics.

  • Social N.E.T. Project Network for Educational Training.

    32 scholarships in the social sector.

  • G.U.S.T.O. Project Gastronomy Union of Skills And Traineeships for Occupation.

    57 scholarships in tourism and food service.

  • G.L.O.C.A.L. 1. Project Grant for Learning Opportunities in european Countries Aimed at promoting Local development.

    30 scholarships in Gastronomy, Tourism, Marketing, Commercial Services, Management and Business Creation.

  • T.U.R.I.AR.T. Project Training opportUnities for young gRaduated In ARt and Tourism.

    17 scholarships in Tourism and Food Services.

  • PON C5.

    74 scholarships for Languages, Tourism, Marketing and IT.

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