During the year 2010

The following Leonardo da Vinci European mobility programs were developed:

  • AR.T.E. Project  ARtists in Training Exchange.

    16 scholarships in Ceramics  and creativity development.

  • IN.T.E.GRA. Project International Training in European Enterprises for GRAduated.

    11 scholarships in Translation and Cooperation.

  • JO.IN. Project Job and Internship.

    46 scholarships in Marketing, Communication, Journalism, Administration and Accounting.

  • M.E.T.A. Project Mobility for Experience in Tourism Activity.

    15 scholarships in Tourism.

  • MO.V.I.E. Project Movie and Vocational training In european Enterprises.

    17 scholarships in the Cinematographic and Television Production sector.

  • S.T.E.P. Project Support Training in European Partership.

    26 scholarships in different sectors.

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